Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blog Comments Received

Here are a few of the many comments Bach to Bacchus has received:

"The remarks you made on your blog are making us blush!!  Your description of the 2010 [varietal name] is as fine a piece of wine description writing as I have ever read-it is just flat-out wonderful-can we use it?...Thank you again."  [Winery Owner and Winemaker]

"I'm a publicist here in [name of town]. I have to underline what the [winery owner's name] has already written, that you have written so eloquently and colorful about your visit to [name of winery] and the wines...we're all in awe!... I am wondering if I could introduce you to some of my other clients?!  However you'd like me to do that just let me know!" [Winery Publicist]

"If you'd like to come to one or more of the events, just let me know and I can arrange for press passes for you! with warm best."  [Wine Festival Coordinator.]

"Very erudite AND moving...keep all that karma and energy flowing!!!!"  [Winery Publicist}

"[Winemaker's name] was just literally in awe of what you wrote...."  [Winery Publicist]

"Wow. Thanks TJ! What a FANTASTIC post for us...We heralded your blog post on our blog today."  [Winery Owner]

"You have written so eloquently and colorfully about your visit to [name of winery] and the wines...we're all in awe!" [Winery Publicist]

"Thank you for the wonderful blog!  It was a pleasure reading it. I have also forwarded it to our Tasting Room Manager and Media Manager as well." [Winery staff]

"Thanks so much for your recent visit, and what a wonderful blog post you wrote about us!  We certainly appreciate it. Would you mind if I linked to your blog from our Facebook page to direct our fans to your review?"  [Tasting Room Manager]

"Wow and double wow. Very, very entertaining and informative.  I'll link to this from the winery Facebook, and blog...the guys [Winery owners and winemakers] feel so humbled by your very warm words."  [Winery Publicist]

"Excellent, excellent story! Thank you so much!" [Wine Event Coordinator.]

"Fantastic write up.  Thanks for spreading the word." [Winery staff.]

"Thank you.  A very, very nice article. I hope to meet you during a future visit." [Winery Owner]

"We loved your write up!  Thank you!" [Winery staff.]

"Wow...what a wonderful write up." [Winery Owner]

"[Winery owner's name] shared with me your article which was very erudite AND moving...keep all that karma and energy flowing!!!!"  [Winery Publicist]

"Thank you so much for sharing your experience at [Name of winery].  We think of ourselves as a well-kept secret.  Recommendations like yours are wonderful feedback for us at the winery, and invaluable for letting others know what we are doing."  [Winery Public Relations]

"Wonderful! So happy to hear you had a great time. What a great write up! Thank you!" [Winery Owner]

"I have to say that this is one of the BEST BlogSpot’s that has been written about a visit to [name of winery]. Thank you so much for you kind words and true understanding of what we believe here at the winery. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote and I really love your photos! Gorgeous! What was your secret? I actually take a lot of the photos here and in my freelance work and am always challenged by architectural subject matter. I would love to chat with you more if you have the time." [Winery Marketing Manager]

"Many thanks for the very nice article! Please reach out to me when you are ready to taste another vintage." [Winery VIP Tour Coordinator]

"Everybody at [name of winery] absolutely loves your article! I've also posted it to my companies social media pages." [Public Relations Agency Owner]

"I truly appreciate your fantastic review of our establishment and wines." [Winery Public Relations Coordinator]

"Thank you for such an awesome write-up!  We love the photos, and I have shared this with my Marketing Director."  [Winery Hospitality Manager]