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Google Field Trip and Bach to Bacchus Partnership

Google Field Trip is a smartphone application that introduces users to places of interest in many parts of the world. Google Field Trip may be downloaded and used for free.  Users have the option of exploring wineries or other attractions from home or on the road by using the geocode features that announces a winery once the user is in the vicinity. There is one device that even narrates the review.  All photos are available and directions to the winery are provided along with information about whether the winery is open to the public or requires an appointment.  A phone number is listed so the user may contact the winery for an appointment or additional information.  The Field Trip application is available here: Google Field Trip Application

The first reviews for Bach to Bacchus were written in March of 2010. In May 2013 Bach to Bacchus was contacted by Google Field Trip inquiring about a partnership with them.  Some alterations to their proposed contract were requested, and this was approved by their legal department so that the contract was signed four months later in September 2013.  Field Trip asked to use most of the winery reviews written in the past two years and, of course, all new winery reviews.  Field Trip scans Bach to Bacchus daily for any new winery reviews and for  corrections or changes to older reviews. So far Bach to Bacchus has the only contract with Google Field Trip to write Napa Valley winery reviews.

Over a million people have downloaded Google Field Trip, but there are no statistics available on how often the application is used specifically for Napa Valley wineries.  The traffic, however, is undoubtedly much larger than the mere 5,000 visits or so that the the Bach to Bacchus blog receives each month.  Because there is no charge to the user or the winery, Google Field Trip appears to be a win-win for everybody. We welcome invitations from Napa Valley wineries that are open to the public, from those that are open only by appointment or even from those that have no tasting facilities but would like their wines reviewed.  We especially welcome visiting with winemakers or owners who like to share their enthusiasm and passion for wine. We also welcome media invitations to wine events such as ZAP, PS I Love You, Rhone Rangers, etc.

On the left hand side of the Bach to Bacchus blog are listed most of the wineries reviewed.  Those in ALL capital letters are also featured in Google Field Trip.  The others are only on the Bach to Bacchus blog.  None of the articles about wine in general, wine events, or individual wine reviews are included in Google Field Trip, because Field Trip is only about attractions or places of interest (such as wineries), not about events, essays or individual wine reviews.  They have suggested that Bach to Bacchus write articles about wineries in Sonoma and other areas, but there are still many excellent Napa Valley wineries that have not reviewed, and the amount of time required to prepare and write a good review precludes completing more than one a week.

If you are the owner or publicist for a Napa Valley winery and would like us to visit to write an article, please send an email to bachtobacchus (at) gmail (dot) com.  We need to take photos and sample the wines, and a tour can be very helpful.  Regular group tours or VIP tours are both welcome.  My friend (designated driver and wine collector) and I are both retired, long time Napa residents who have each been visiting Napa Valley wineries since the early 1970's.  Bach to Bacchus is not intended as a business but as a retirement hobby and a service to the many Napa Valley wineries we have enjoyed visiting over the years, especially those in the Napa Valley Vintners Napa Neighbor Program. Wineries are welcome to quote from Bach to Bacchus or from my writings on Google Field Trip. If you do not have a tasting room or physical location, we can still take tasting notes and write an article but we would not be able to include you in Google Field Trip.  Really small wineries that want to keep under the radar may also chose to have a blog article written but not to be included in Field Trip. Thanks.  TJ Jones, Napa, CA

Here are a few comments from the Internet about Google Field Trip:
Should You Go on Google's Field Trip?  "The new app is an ingenious way to learn about what’s around you and points to a potential gold mine in location-based advertising. Field Trip is a smart, serendipitous, and stylish tour guide." Rachel Metz MIT Technology Review, October 4, 2012

Google’s Awesome ‘Field Trip’ App "Google already has five of the six most popular apps in America... the company is now extending Field Trip, the Android-based guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you." John Koetsier Venturebeat, March 8, 2013

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