Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sequoia Grove Vineyards

Sequoia Grove Vineyards is well worth a visit.  Be sure to try their 2008 Cabernet at only $38. Sequoia Grove Vineyards was founded in 1979 by Jim Allen and is located next to Highway 29 in a renovated 150 year old barn on 22 acres in the Rutherford AVA.  It was named after two large Sequoia trees that grow at the front entrance. The lovely, rustic tasting room is lined in wood and the bar is a single slab of wood.  In 2003 lightening struck one of the sequoias and it fell through the roof.  A skylight can now be seen where the tree fell through.  Jim Allen's brother, Steve Allen, is the vineyard manager.  Michael Trujillo is their winemaker.  Jim Allen sold the winery to Kobrand Corporation in 2004.

I've driven past Sequoia Grove Winery for many years but only recently sampled their wines and will certainly be back.  First, they have one of the few dry Gewurztraminers produced in the U.S.  Usually I have to purchase Alsatian ones to have a nice, flowery white wine to compliment Thai or Vietnamese food or just to drink alone on a summer day.  The Sequoia Grove 2008 Glorious Gewurztraminer at $18 a bottle is a bargain.  We also had the Sequoia Grove 2008 Rebellious Red which is a Tempranillo and is quite good at only $34.  The Sequoia Grove 2007 Merlot at $40 is fairly good with a peppery nose and some pleasantly soft tannins.  I believe they said it had 5% Cab Franc in it.  Even better was the Sequoia Grove 2008 Stagecoach Vineyard Syrah at $32. But our favorite was the Sequoia Grove 2008 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon at $38 which is a very nice Cab for the money.  The Current Release Tasting was $15 for four wines and the Library Tasting was $20 for three cab tastings. If you can't make it to the winery, you might be able to find their cab at Whole Food, Bevmo or Safeway.  

Addendum September 21, 2012: I've tried two of the Sequoia Grove 2008 Cabernet Sauvignons now and it is a nice Napa Valley Cab and well worth the money.
8338 St. Helena Hwy
Rutherford, CA 94573
(707) 944-2945
Visited: October 5, 2011

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