Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Napa Valley Vineyards in Autumn Photos

Photos of Napa Valley Vineyards in Autumn.  Here are some photos I took last week in Napa Valley.  The first four are in Deer Park, just East of St. Helena.  The others are along Silverado Trail.  Most were taken just after a rain so the colors are especially vivid.

This is the firstt photo again in extra large size.
Formatting restricted the beginning photos to large size only.


  1. What a Beautiful time of year to be in Napa Valley. Thanks for posting these awesome pictures.

  2. TJ
    Amazing colors. Thank you for sharing.

  3. TJ,

    These photos are great! I'm choosing one for my laptop background right now. Who owns the hillside vineyard with the rock wall at the bottom?


  4. Hi Nick,
    I'm not sure who owns any of these vineyards. There are vineyards everywhere and many of them don't appear to be marked. Next time I drive by there I'll look to see if there is any marker in the field. Cheers, TJ

  5. great photos...loved watching them..thank u

  6. Hi Seema, Thanks. I plan to post a set of spring photos, too, so you might want to check back. Cheers, TJ


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