Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paraduxx Winery

Paraduxx Winery is different from most Napa Valley wineries.  First, their tasting setting is at tables where you sit down and are served six different wines in either a lovely setting with a large window view of the vineyard or an outdoor patio setting.  It is somewhat similar to Duckhorn, but without the long stemmed wine glasses.  And, secondly, their current release red wines are all blends with Zinfandel as the predominate varietal, along with various percentages of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot.  They say they are, “Devoted to stylish Napa Valley blends.”  Their one current release white wine is a Viognier and Chardonnay blend. 

Paraduxx tasting building

The wines are brought to your table and then you are left to taste them at your leisure with the host returning occasionally to ask if you have any questions.  They also provide crackers and cheese.  It is a pleasant mixture of elegance and informality that might especially appeal to younger visitors and small groups of people who would like to sit and talk about the wine while sampling it.  This provides a much different, more pleasant experience than standing at a bar, allowing for more relaxation and social interaction.  The fee for the current release tasting was $25 at the time of our visit.

Paraduxx tasting room

The current release tastings included their Paraduxx 2010 V Blend White Wine at $26 (very pleasant) plus five more red wine blends ranging from $35 to $84.  All of their red wines are very easy on the palate and quite drinkable now, with pleasant Zinfandel fruit leading the way.  It is hard to imagine any person who likes red wines not liking any of these.  It is more a matter of how much you like any specific wine at its price point.  We both thought that the Paraduxx 2008 Napa Valley Red Wine at $48 represented the most interesting wine at its price level (and this was what we purchased), but you might prefer one of the others.

Paraduxx tasting bar
We noted that they also have limited release wines and offer some wines from the “Duckhorn Portfolio.”  (Paraduxx and Duckhorn have the same owners.)  Although we did not taste any of these, we have done a previous review of Duckhorn Winery. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Paraduxx Winery and think you would also enjoy visiting them.  Highly recommended.

Paraduxx patio

Paraduxx Winery
7257 Silverado Trail
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 945-0890
Date of visit: January 25, 2012 
Photos were taken  at a later date.

Paraduxx tasting room

Paraduxx duck art

Paraduxx decoys

Entry sign

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